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Thank you for visiting and for your generous support in my re-election campaign for Wayne County Treasurer.

Fellow Citizens...

It is an honor to continue serving as Wayne County Treasurer.  In past elections, the residents of Wayne County elected me as Wayne County Treasurer which exemplifies their confidence and trust in my leadership. I will continue to ensure the office maintains its standard of excellence in fulfilling the obligations of the receipt, custody, investment, and disbursement of Wayne County funds. 

The residents can be proud of our maintenance of an effective and efficient administration of property tax collection for the County. In a parallel process, we continue to help people avoid property tax foreclosure with extensive outreach, increased online services, and expanded agency partnerships focused on helping residents stay in their homes as they adhere to structured payment plans and participate in available foreclosure prevention programs. As I have served as Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer, Wayne County has realized a record-breaking increase in investment earnings.

We must continue the essential work of the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office. I need you to support my third term of leadership. 

"Since I took office as Wayne County Treasurer in 2016, I have demonstrated a solid commitment and worked on behalf of all Wayne County taxpayerswithin our 43 municipalities and for local taxing authorities."

Communities Served
30 %
Reduction in Foreclosures


Increase in Investment Income

400 +
Payment Kiosks in Wayne County

As Treasurer, I have demonstrated a solid commitment and worked on behalf of all Wayne County taxpayers within our 43 municipalities and for local taxing authorities.

Lowered Interest Rates for Homeowners

Homeowners continue to pay a lowered interest rate as a result of working with the Michigan legislature to extend exiting legislation.

90% Reduction in Home Foreclosures

Over the past eight years, my team and I worked with partners to reduce foreclosures by 90%.

Significant Increase in Investment Income

As Treasurer, I raised the standard for efficient fiscal operations which among other achievements include a record-breaking increase in investment income.

Convenient Payment Kiosks throughout Wayne County

To improve taxpayer services, I made it convenient for taxpayers for pay delinquent taxes at 70 kiosks located throughout the county.

Suspended all Home Foreclosures in 2020

With careful consideration, due to the various hardships we are all facing during this COVID-19 pandemic, I made the decision not to foreclose on any properties.

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