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    • Adam Shakoor
      Former Deputy Mayor, City of Detroit
      Former Chief Judge, 36th District
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      Chair, Wayne County Commission
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      Executive Director, DABO
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      Former City Manager, Trenton
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      Chair, 13th Congressional District
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    Chairperson, DNC Black Caucus

“I worked with Treasurer Eric Sabree to help prevent property tax foreclosures in Wayne County.  The people of Wayne County are fortunate to have a Treasurer who cares and is working hard to keep people in their homes.”     

Judge Greg Mathis

“Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree has provided great personal assistance and guidance to the Downriver Communities from the Treasurer’s Office.  We need his continued leadership over the next last four years.  I wholeheartedly support his re-election.”   

Jim Wagner,
Former Mayor of Wyandotte and Former Trenton City Manager

“Eric Sabree is an outstanding leader in Wayne County and Detroit. His legal, financial, and community background gives him the tools to far exceed all expectations as Wayne County Treasurer.  He’s the Man!”

Jim Thrower,
Former Detroit Lion and Long-Time McDonald’s Owner/Operator

“On behalf of the Officers and Members of Laborers’ Local Union 1191, I am most pleased to announce our endorsement of your reelection as Wayne County Treasurer.  You have a proven track record of dedicated and committed service to those that you serve.  We believe that you are a firm advocate of the various issues which the members of our Labor Union support.  Laborers’ Local Union 1191 wishes you much success on your candidacy.”

Laborer’s Local Union 1191

“The Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 80 Political Action Committee is pleased to give our support to your candidacy.  We know that you will continue to represent our members in a way that will help further the causes in which we both believe”. 

Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union 80

“Iron Workers Union No. 25 proudly endorses your re-election for Wayne County Treasurer. The residents of Wayne County need strong leadership and progressive change which can be delivered by a capable person such as you.  With consideration to your years of experience, we feel you will continue to demonstrate the integrity and resolve to address the many challenges which affects Michigan citizens. We at Iron Workers Local 25 believe you are an advocate for the working men and women in Michigan and support in assisting those who have the best interest of organized labor in mind.”

Iron Workers Local Union No. 25

“The Michigan Teamsters are honored to work with you in your capacity as Treasurer to help fight for justice for all workers in Wayne County. Good luck in your endeavors”.

Michigan Teamsters Joint Council No. 43

“Treasurer Eric Sabree has been the most aggressive in the State of Michigan with the (community) outreach.  You can’t turn on the TV or look at the billboards without seeing that you’ve got a Treasurer doing everything to keep people in their homes.” 

Mike Duggan, Mayor of City of Detroit

“I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to save my family house.  I used to owe $8,000 now I owe $2,000.  It was hard work and commitment, but I did it.  Thanks Mr. Eric R. Sabree. God bless you and your family and your staff.”

Sherry Gordon,
Wayne County Homeowner

Mr. Sabree, my husband and I were at the show cause hearing Friday, January 10, 2020.  I’m writing to thank you for first helping us in every way possible to keep our property.  The staff members and volunteers were very pleasant.  We were greeted with smiles and professionalism from the time we entered the building until we left.  Often good deeds are not mentioned and bad ones are. So we wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the service today.

Oscar, Jr. and LaDare Harris,
Wayne County Homeowners
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